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What's in your doula bag?


The Death Doula Starter Kit serves as an excellent foundation to help you provide compassionate care to your patients and their families. This comprehensive kit includes a 79-piece emergency kit, a holistic comfort care kit, and essential supplies for daily use.


Emergency Kit -  79-piece emergency kit contains everything you need to prepare for and respond to provide basic first aid. It includes items such as 1 x Red First Aid Bag, 1 x Scissors(9cm), 1 x Plastic Tweezers, 1 x PBT Elastic Bandage(4.5cm*5m), 1 x Adhesive Bandage, 10 x Adhesive Stypsis Bandages, 4 x Povidone-iodine Prep Pad, 10 x Alcohol Pad, 1 x Versatile Bandages, 1 x Bandage Triangulaire(96cm*96cm*136cm), 2 x Gauze Swab, 5 x Safety Pins, 80 x Cotton Stick and 1 x User Manual.

Holistic Comfort Care Kit - Soothe and calm worried minds with our natural wellness items. Our 100% Silk Dream Cream, herbal Lip Balm, and Lavender Magnesium Roller Ball help nurture relaxation and tranquility during difficult times. Thoughtfully formulated with plants and minerals known for their comforting properties, these gentle products encourage moments of peace and ease amid distress. As you compassionately attend to patients, let these thoughtful touches aid the body, heart, and spirit.

Essential Supplies This starter kit also includes (3) mouth swabs, (2) battery powered tea light candles, (2) disposable gloves,  hand sanitizer, a pack of tissues, a notebook and pen.  We also include a resource list that provides you with free phone apps and websites to help guide your clients through their needs. These items are essential for everyday use in your work as a death worker.


As you grow in your practice, you can add to your bag and make it your own over time. But starting out, our thoughtfully designed Doula Starter Kit cultivates confidence and readiness as you start your journey in the death care space.

Doula Starter Kit

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