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End-of-Life Doula Packages

We offer customizable, individualized,  end-of-life doula packages to help you in difficult times. We can work together to create the perfect plan for you. We offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss any adjustments or additions to our services to create a personalized plan just for you. Once we agree on the details, we will develop a contract and adjust our fees based on a sliding scale to fit your budget. Even if we are far apart, we can provide services via the internet, including planning assisting with advance directives. We can also guide you through home funeral preparations. Our services are flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs.

Specific service tasks: Coordination and navigation • Advance care planning, including organ donation • Liaise with hospice, other health care workers, and other community services (e.g. home support) • Facilitate legal paperwork in conjunction with relevant professionals (e.g. advance directives, power of attorney, estate planning) • Referral to community resources (practical, emotional, spiritual) • Organize informal care networks • Keep family members informed • Coordinate family and friend visits • Develop ‘departure directions’ including vigil planning, and/or assist in funeral coordination Emotional and spiritual support • Ask questions to understand emotions • Meaning-structured life review sessions • Discuss values and desires; spiritual beliefs • Legacy work (e.g. narrative work, assisting people to write their life stories; write/record last messages) • Talk with children • • Music therapy (e.g. singing, playing instruments, listening to favorite songs) • Generalized pre death and post death bereavement support (e.g. talking, listening, and giving resources) Death literacy and information transfer • ‘Help explain diagnosis and treatment’ (e.g. help client get needed information) • ‘Normalize end of life’; provide practical information about what to expect; and explain common signs and symptoms at the end of life • Provide practical information about basic end-of-life care for family/friends • Inform family/friends about what they can do during active dying and after death (e.g. get into bed with the person, tell stories, washing the body) • Inform about funeral options, including home funeral options (e.g. keeping and transporting the body, after-death documentation) • Communicate regional legal issues related to death care • Community work and advocacy (e.g. advance care planning workshops, death cafes, public speaking) • Informal/spontaneous conversations about end-of-life planning and care with friends, family, and community members Companionship and presence • Listen (e.g. client reminiscing) • Unstructured conversation • Read together (e.g. scripture, prayer, favorite books/poetry) • Hospital appointment accompaniment (if necessary) • Hospital/hospice in-patient visiting • Vigil (being present during the active dying phase, including talking and/or singing even if unresponsive) • Create bedside rituals (e.g. lighting a candle, blessings) Basic practical and personal care • Respite for family members • Assorted housework (e.g. helping with meals, changing sheets, hanging out with kids, shopping, dog walking) • Help toilet; emergency assistance (e.g. ‘wiping bum if needed’) • Vigil care (e.g. mouth care, repositioning in bed, changing bed sheets, applying cool compress) After-death care • Assisting with body care (e.g. washing body, ceremonial or entire cleansing) with family or by instructing family • Assist in keeping the body at home after death; assistance with after-death paperwork • Funeral attendant (if requested) • Check-in with client’s family/friends after period of time (including bereavement support)

Arrangement of Affairs Package

This package of doula services are for those wanting/needing to have their end-of-life affairs in order.  We can assist you with end-of-life paperwork and planning, whether virtually or in-person. If you already have a care team in place, we can help ensure that your advance directives are comprehensive and complete. Includes a free initial consultation. 

Price:  up to $400 sliding scale 

Communication:  unlimited email , phone  calls during business hours


The Final Act Package

This package is designed to help those who have been avoiding end-of-life planning but know they need to do it. The package provides motivation and accountability, with a focus on different sections of end-of-life planning each week. The goal is to make the planning process less overwhelming and more enjoyable. It's recommended to complete this package well in advance of any health issues, but for quicker planning, Package #1: Arrangement of Affairs is available. Both packages can be done virtually or in-person.

This package includes free initial consultation, 6 scheduled visits, each lasting 1 hour, that will cover all aspects of the Planning the rest of your life. Topics will include advance directives, living wills, legacy work, final messages,  burial disposition, and more.

Price:  up to $600 sliding scale 

Communication:  unlimited email , phone  calls during business hours


Comprehensive Package

This package is designed to assist those who already have a care team in place but need additional support in areas such as end-of-life care, respite care, care coordination, and end-of-life planning.


It includes a free initial consultation, 8 scheduled visits, lasting 1 hour.

Additionally, it offers on-call availability for vigil sitting, post-death planning, and assistance with organizing and cleaning out spaces. The package also includes a post-bereavement visit to process the experience with loved ones.

Price:  up to $1200 sliding scale 

Communication:  unlimited email  and phone calls, on-call availability


Post Passage Package

This package is designed to help families prepare for what comes after the passing of a loved one, providing support and assistance with various tasks to ease the burden of grief. Services can be provided virtually or in-person.


This package includes a free initial consultation, 4  scheduled visits, 1 hour long,  to help with everything from body disposition to organizing a memorial service, and a post-passage visit to process the experience.

Price:  up to $400 sliding scale 

Communication:  unlimited email , phone  calls during business hours


Public Notary Services

A notary acts as an official, unbiased witness to the identity and signature of the person who comes before the notary for a specific purpose.


  • Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Last Will & Testament

  • Living Trusts

  • Titles/Bill of Sale

  • Lease Agreements

  • Bank forms

  • Business Contracts

  • Certified Copy (non-recordable documents)

Price:  $5 per Notarial stamp plus mobile service fees

Communication:  unlimited email , phone  calls during business hours

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